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Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

PCAP supports individuals who use alcohol and/or drugs to have healthy pregnancies and healthy families.
The Alberta PCAP Council supports 30+ programs to provide the PCAP model in their communities in an educated, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed manner.

PCAP and Alberta PCAP Council

What is PCAP

The Parent-Child Assistance Program started as a federally funded research demonstration project developed by Dr. Therese Grant at the University of Washington. The goals of PCAP are to support individuals to reduce or stop alcohol and/or drug use during pregnancy, to achieve and maintain recovery, and to support healthy pregnancies and lives for participants and their children. We do this by addressing the needs of the participants and getting them stabilized in a whole host of ways.

What is the Alberta PCAP Council?

The Alberta Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) Council evolved from the Targeted & Indicated Prevention Training Sub-Committee reporting to the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Cross-Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC). The Alberta PCAP Council oversees the implementation and support of the PCAP model to best fit the needs of the province and the diversity of the individual programs while maintaining fidelity to the original model.


PCAP Participants Current & Interested

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Community Government & Partners

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Our Vision and Mission


We envision a province where individuals who use alcohol and/or drugs are supported in their communities to have healthy pregnancies and healthy families.


The Alberta PCAP Council will support programs to operate throughout the province in an educated, culturally responsive and trauma-informed manner that is consistent with the Alberta PCAP model.