Past Events

2017 Mentor Days

On March 27 – 28, Mentors received presentations from Dr. Thomas Barker on self-care, Michelle LaRue on raising sensitive topics, and Carey Lai on drug use. Mentors also participated in some self-care with a Paint Nite, manicures, and massages.

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2014 Annual General Meeting

This year’s theme was Connecting to Build Hope and Strength – We were joined by Elder Beatrice Morin from the Enoch Cree Nation. Elder Beatrice opened our event with a prayer before sharing a bit of her journey. Sarah Parkinson spoke next with some greetings from the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Cross-Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC).

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Mentor Days 2014

Mentor Days started after a prayer from an Elder and welcome-lunch. Alberta PCAP Council co-chair, Tammi Crowley started our program with introductions and opening remarks. Then, special guest Dr. Dorothy Badry from the University of Alberta led the PCAP Mentors in a Fidelity Assessment Activity, where Mentors identified the strengths and weaknesses of PCAP services in their regions.

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