Adding Exit Documents

First, add an Exit service file

1. Open the client’s “Case” page

2. Click “Add Service File” (halfway down the page, right hand side)

3. When the “Add” box comes up, enter the following information:

  • Service: Exit
  • Group: (blank)
  • Primary Worker: Supervisor’sName
  • Estimated Sessions: (blank)
  • Start: Date that client completed/left program
  • End: (blank)

4. Click “save”

5. You will now see the Service File page. On the right hand side of the page, find the heading “Documents”. Click on the drop down bar labelled “Select Document”.

6. Select the document you would like to enter:

  • Exit ASI OR Missing Exit ASI
  • Advocate/Mentor-Client Relationship Inventory

8. Complete every page of the document until you have the option to select “finish” along the bottom.

Note: You may add an Exit ASI (OR a Missing Exit ASI) AND an Advocate/Mentor-Client Relationship Inventory to the same Exit Service File.