Find the full PCAP Biannual Coding Manual here:

Step 1: Is the client already in Penelope?

Yes, the client is in Penelope OR the client might be in Penelope, but I’m not sure

Locate the client by performing a search or by finding them under “My Case Load” on the homepage (if you are their primary worker or an associated worker).

No, this is a new client

Always double check that the client is not already in Penelope by performing a search (see above). 

If the client is not yet in Penelope, you must add a new client before you can access or enter a biannual

Step 2: Does the client have a “PCAP” Service File?

Yes, the client has a PCAP service file.

Click the PCAP Service File. To the right of the service file page, you will see the heading “Documents”. This is where all the biannuals will be added and stored.

I don’t know if the client has a PCAP Service File.

Try checking if the client has a closed service file.

No, the client does not have a PCAP Service File.

Be sure that there are no closed PCAP service files (see above).

Click the link that says “Add Service File”.

Enter information for
Service: PCAP
Primary Worker: Client’s mentor
Start (Date): Date that client enrolled in PCAP

Click “Save”. You will be taken to the PCAP Service File page you have just created. To the right of the service file page, you will see the heading “Documents”. This is where all the biannuals will be added and stored.

Adding a Biannual

Under the “Documents” heading, you will see documents associated with the file, a menu bar that reads “Select Document”, and two radio options (“Add New Document” or “Print Blank Document”).

To add a new biannual, check to be sure that the radio button beside “Add New Document” is selected. Then, from the drop down menu, select the biannual document with the correct 6-month period.

Note: There are separate biannuals for clients that are under 18 years old, and for clients that have extended services.

A window will appear where you may start entering the document. Click “finish” when you are finished entering the document.

Repeat this process to add another biannual.

Locating a previously-entered biannual

Locate the client to which the biannual belongs. Open this client’s service file. The biannuals that belong to this client will be listed on the right hand side of the page. If the biannual has a yellow triangle, this means that the biannual is incomplete. Click “more” to view more biannuals listed.

Clicking on one of the documents will open the Service File Document page:

From this page, you can flip through the different documents using “previous” and “next” (1).

You can also print the form as completed by clicking “Print” (2). A pop-up box with the document will appear. Use “Ctrl” + “p” on your computer to print the form.

In grey writing, you can see who added the document and when the most recent edit was completed (3).

If there is a yellow yield sign next to the “Flags” tab (4), there are certain responses which were “flagged” (ex. client was identified as inactive). You can click on the word “Flags” to see which questions require special attention.

Editing a previously-entered biannual

Locate the file as outlined above. Click the “edit” button at the top of the page. When done with editing, click “finish”.