Dates in Penelope

Adding clients

Case open date – date that PCAP consents are signed – ie. when the service started!

Service start date –  see above (yes, they should be the same date!)

Adding documents

Document date/date form completed –  date that the document was completed;  For Intake ASIs, this is the date of the interview. For biannuals, this is the date when the biannual was completed (or the current date if you are filling the biannual out directly online).


Start/end of 6 month period (biannuals) – These dates should reflect exact 6 month intervals based on the service start date (ie. date that consent was provided and Intake ASI was completed). If you are a few days or weeks late with a biannual, report on the 6 month period as outlined by these dates NOT up to the date you do the biannual. This is for consistency in reporting periods.