General Tips

This page will outline some general tips for entering data into Penelope. This page will be updated occasionally.


Question:  “Last Time Used” in Alcohol/Drugs Section

When asking this question in the interview, try to get as specific of an answer as possible. Use different prompts like: “Do you know what season it was?” “Was it around a special occasion or holiday?” “Was it later in the month or earlier in the month?” If you need to approximate a date, do the best you can with what you know. If using “dummy dates”, try not to use recognizable dates. (Ex. If the individual says they last used “sometime in January”, do not use “01/01/yyyy” as this could indicate New Years Day)

Know the…..

  • Month but not day: Use “15” as the day
  • Season but not month: Use a month within that season. Ex “02” for Winter, “05” for spring, “08” for summer, “10” for fall.
  • Year but not month or day: Use 06/15/yyyy