Intake process as of Feb 13, 2019

Changes to the PCAP Intake Process

The PCAP Council has recently moved to remove the ASI intake and exit forms from the regular intake process. The ASI will be replaced with the PCAP Intake Form accompanied by the 0-month biannual. We encourage programs who already have a completed intake ASI with a client to still complete and enter the ASI part B and Exit ASI as it is important to complete the data set for those who have put in the time to share their story.

The forms are available on the Forms & Documents page. In the coming months, we will ask for your feedback on this updated process. You may also send comments or questions to in the meantime.


Q: For which clients will this change come into effect?
A: Any incoming or newer clients that do not already have an Intake ASI Part A completed can instead be started on the Intake Form and 0-month biannual.

Q: What if a client already has an Intake ASI Part A completed?
A: Please complete the Intake ASI Part B when the target child is born and the Exit ASI when the client graduates. This will complete the data set for those who have dedicated time to share their story.

Q: Who completes the Intake Form?
A: An intake staff, mentor, or supervisor may complete the Intake Form. This will depend on your program’s workflow.

Q: Who completes the 0-month biannual?
A: The mentor completes the 0-month biannual within the first few visits.

Q: What’s the difference between the “0-month biannual to be used with Intake Form” and the regular 0-month biannual?
A: The Intake Form has several questions and sections that can be used to complete the 0-month biannual. The accompanying 0-month biannual removes questions already asked in the Intake Form. Together, the two documents can be used to complete the 0-month biannual on Penelope. A regular 0-month biannual document should be used if there is no Intake Form completed.

Q: What will happen to the ASI data already in Penelope?
A: This data will remain in Penelope to be used for research or reports.

Q: Will there be any further changes to the intake process?
A: The Data Oversight Committee and Alberta PCAP Council will continue to review data needs in Alberta. There may be some updates to the intake process in the future, including targeted use of a modified ASI or similar tool. Any updates will be clearly communicated with programs.