Penelope version 4

The information on this page is from the Athena support site for Penelope. Please visit for more information.


Also known as the Collaboration Suite, Version 4 provides many powerful new workflow, communication and collaboration tools for Penelope users, including:

  • Discussions (communication threads between staff that are tied to a specific entity in Penelope)
  • Reminders (pop-up reminders that staff can set for themselves, and that may or may not be related to specific entities in Penelope)

  • Conversations (email-style communication between staff within Penelope)

  • A multitude of new Workflow tools, including the ability to create time-based projects and checklists, all collected on a detailed Workflow management layer
  • Improved Alerts and Tasks functionality, including the ability to assign or pick up available tasks as necessary

  • SMS / E-mail Reminders for staff and clients (the system can be configured so that staff and / or clients receive e-mail or text reminders about upcoming events, while staff can also get notified about conversation or discussion updates, task communications and much more)
  • Real-time Notifications, including notification of updates to discussions or tasks, even client arrivals!
  • Electronic Signature capture
  • Credit Card processing

The Collaboration Suite places each staff member at the command of their own role-specific communications centre. Its sleek design is highlighted by an always-available, one-click layer that can be opened or closed across any Penelope screen and which provides easy, on-demand access to each user’s messages, tasks, reminders and calendar.

The communications and workflow tools included in the Collaboration Suite allow for secure, efficient and user-friendly communication between staff members within Penelope, while also providing increased accountability for task completion – for example, managers can view the status of tasks assigned to their staff and comment on each as necessary.

The Collaboration Suite is also good news for your clients.

Timely communications, reduced time spent on administrative back-and-forth outside of Penelope, and increased automation of workflow within the application mean workers have more time to attend to their case load. The Collaboration Suite was designed to integrate service delivery with the communication and workflow tools that staff need to provide efficient service to clients. The Penelope Collaboration Suite puts the client first by putting the worker first!