Un-enrollment from PCAP

A client may be un-enrolled for a number of reasons. There are two categories of un-enrollment: false enrolls and withdrawals. See Section Five of your Alberta PCAP Manual for more information.

In Penelope, you can indicate if a client is un-enrolled from the program using a form specific to Penelope called “Un-enrollment from PCAP”.

How to complete the “Un-enrollment from PCAP” form:

Video demo:

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Find the client’s PCAP service file page through “My Caseload” or by doing a search for the client and accessing their PCAP service file page.

Make sure the top corner says “PCAP”.

2. Find “Documents” on the menu on the right side of the PCAP service file page. Select “Un-enrollment from PCAP” from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the document date and select the client’s name in “For Service Participant”. Click anywhere off of the text bar to load the rest of the document.

4. Answer the document questions.


  • Date of un-enrollment may be backdated.
  • Reasons for un-enrollment include false enrolls and other withdrawal reasons.
  • Select “Other” if you cannot find your client’s un-enrollment reason. Enter the reason in the text-box that appears beside the drop-down menu.

  • Date of last contact is an optional, but useful field if you know the date.
  • Provide more details in the “Comments” section.

5. Click “next” to the Signatures page.

6. Sign the appropriate signature lines using the following instructions. NOTE: Only the PCAP Supervisor should “sign” the second line. The PCAP supervisor must access the form from their account.

a. If you completing the form and are NOT the PCAP Supervisor, select the check-box by “Form completed by” and enter the date. Click “finish”. Inform your supervisor that they will need to “sign” the form (see 6c.)
b. If you are the PCAP Supervisor completing the form, select BOTH check-boxes to fill your name in both signature lines. Enter the dates.

c. If you are the PCAP Supervisor that needs to sign the form (that someone else has completed), use the following steps:

i. Find the client.

ii. Go to client’s Case page and/or click the PCAP service file.

iii. Under “Documents” (on the right-hand side of the page), click the blue link that reads “Un-enrollment from PCAP”.

iv. Click the “edit” button at the top of the page. A box should appear to edit the document.

v. Look through the information to ensure it is correct. Make changes as necessary. Click “next”.

vi. Find the signature line that says “PCAP Supervisor”. Click the check-box above it. Your name should appear on the signature line. Enter the date.

vii. If you are certain that all information is correct, select the box that says “Lock revision”. (If you select “Lock revision”, the document cannot be modified in the future).

viii. Click “finish”.

How to sign the “Un-enrollment from PCAP” form if you are a Supervisor: